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I am a Mechanical Engineer by day and a Web Developer by night.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Designed and led products from Mechanical Seal and IoT product lines through all phases of development and our 6 Stage Gates
  • Performed and analyzed design validation and commercial results of launched products with respect to company targets
  • Hold ownership responsibility of 3 of the company's largest product lines
  • Developed online presence and e-commerce solutions for clients to meet their business needs
  • Managed a new business from the ground up supporting clients and generating sales
  • Designed more than 500 custom sealing systems to meet application needs with consideration for price and customer specifications
  • Managed the field testing of new product lines, validating applications, selecting development opportunities, and analyzing results
  • Provided problem solving, failure analysis, and technical support for field specialists and customers
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Business Administration

1st Place Freshman Design Competition
1st Place Senior Design Competition
Hyperloop Competition Finalist
SAE Aero Competition Team Lead

  • Managed and grew a program responsible for over 1,000 laboratories across the globe
  • Developed data automation to increase efficiency by almost 90% and reliability by more than 60%
  • Presented program goals and results throughout diverse company roles from scientists to executives
  • Designed solutions with manufacturability and assembly in mind from research stage though implementation
  • Built algorithms independently to achieve system scalability for repeated sales with a Fortune 20 company
  • Developed and ran test systems to determine failure points in 3 separate and diverse product lines
  • Redesigned and manufactured a mechanical exoskeleton for soldiers
  • Built and optimized operating algorithms for exoskeleton system
  • Ran human trials with completed system proving two-fold improvement
  • Appeared in multiple publications including Popular Science Magazine
  • Designed and 3D printed housing for electrical apparatus
  • Conducted testing and developed extensive reporting on functionality of products utilizing Excel
  • Advised billion-dollar company on production decisions and attended multinational meetings

Product Design

1810T Development

1510 Development

442C XL Release

IoT Sensor

VLM Robot Development

Paper Handling Automation

Scalable System Configurator

MAXFAS Exoskeleton

Design Projects

Drexel Hyperloop

Fire Recon Drone

SAE Aero

FIRST Robotics

Code Projects

Averill Analytics

Personal Website

Liv Sweetly




SAF Lanscaping

Lydon Electric


Minute Man